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The Double Eagle Club Constitution and By-Laws

Article I – Name


The name of this club shall be The Double Eagle Club.


Article II – Purpose


First: To acknowledge the scoring of a double eagle or albatross during tournament or casual play and to preserve the history of each.


Second: To promote and foster among the members a closer bond for their joint and mutual benefit, and to promote and conserve the best interests and true spirit of the game of golf as embodied in its ancient and honorable traditions.


Third: To promote an authoritative body to govern and conduct the club competitions, activities and events.


Fourth: To encourage conformance to the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf by creating a representative authority.


Fifth: To teach, encourage and acknowledge the achieving of excellence through the club goal setting and mentoring program, “An Excellent Way”.


Article III – Membership


Section 1. Membership shall be available to all men and women who score a double eagle or albatross during tournament or casual play worldwide. There shall be at least 10 members with no maximum of membership.

Section 2.  Membership dues in the club are currently set at $25 per year.

Section 3.  Members of the club will receive serialized club membership certificates.


Section 4.  Memberships in the club are individual and non-transferable.


Section 5.  Membership confers no voice in the operation of any golf courses, clubhouses nor any facilities of the course.


Section 6.  Membership in the club confers no special privileges in connection with any golf course.


Section 7.  Membership confers special privileges in connection with the club tournaments, activities and events.


Section 8.  Memberships in the club are for life unless the member wants to withdraw.


Section 9. The Board of Directors may confer honorary memberships upon those whom they feel have contributed to the advancement of the club or golf and or achieving excellence. The unanimous affirmative vote of the Board shall be required to approve such action.


Section 10. Each candidate for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two active members in good standing. The Board of Directors shall act upon proposal by vote and two negative votes shall disqualify any candidate.


Section 11. In the event that any member of the club shall commit any act which reflects discredit or disrepute thereon or shall refuse or neglect to comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Directors or duly appointed officers, such member shall be subject to suspension or expulsion after ten days written notice and the right to be heard, by vote of two-thirds of the Board of Directors at any regular meeting or special meeting called for such purpose.


Section 12. The annual meeting of The Double Eagle Club shall be held on a golf course to be named at a later date. The Board of Directors shall provide for the holding of such meetings as may be deemed necessary or desirable and they shall call special meetings upon written petition signed by not less than ten percent of the membership.


Section 13.  A legal quorum at any meeting shall be 51 percent of the members present in person or by proxy. Each active member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote.


Article IV – Board of Directors


Section 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of five members in good standing of The Double Eagle Club and they shall exercise all powers of management of the club not specifically excepted by the By-Laws.


Section 2. The Board of Directors shall meet at such times and places as they may select and a majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.


Section 3.  In case of any vacancy through death, resignation, disqualification or other cause, the remaining directors, even though less than a quorum, may elect a successor by majority vote to hold office for the director whose place shall be vacant, and until the election of their successor.


Article V – Officers and Committees


Section 1.  Within ten days after the annual meeting, the Board of Directors shall meet and elect the officers.


Section 2. The officers shall consist of President, vice-president, secretary and treasurer, and their duties shall be such as their titles indicate or such as may be assigned to them respectively from time-to-time.


Section 3. The Board of Directors shall authorize and define the powers and duties of all committees. Chairman and members of all committees shall be appointed by the president, and the president shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.


Section 4. Except as modified by the Board of Directors, all appointed committees shall function as recommended in the USGA Golf Committee Manual. The following committees shall be appointed each year, with such other committees as the president may deem necessary or advisable:


Tournament Committee – to arrange and schedule with the management, of a golf course to be named at a later date, as necessary, and conduct all intra-club and inter-club competitions. No club hosted or sponsored tournament will be competed or conducted on Sunday.


Handicap Committee – composed primarily of members with the responsibility to establish a fair and proper system of handicaps in accordance with the procedures set forth in the USGA Handicap System Manual.


Membership Committee – to investigate and act upon all applications for membership and to recommend appropriate action to the Board of Directors.


Social Committee – to encourage and arrange social entertainment features and events for special occasions.


Article VI – Amendments to By-Laws


Section 1. The Board of Directors shall have all power to repeal or amend any of these By-Laws provided that such action shall not be effective until approved by a majority vote of the members of The Double Eagle Club at a meeting held in accordance with the provisions contained herein.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall not have power to repeal the Committee By-Law governing Club hosted or sponsored tournaments being competed or conducted on Sunday.

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