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The Double Eagle Club
Registry for
Double Eagles scored in The U.S.A.

Welcome to The Double Eagle Club


Mission Statement


The Double Eagle Club is the custodial body dedicated to the identification, registration and preservation of Double Eagles scored in America.  Our mission is to document and archive Double Eagles, and to distinguish those who have achieved this rare and extraordinary accomplishment.


The Club is devoted to preserving the history of each Double Eagle scored, whether during tournament or casual play, by professional and amateur golfers alike; and recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record.
The Club promotes the great game of golf and the achievement of excellence.


Registering your Double Eagle with the Club is NOT the same as becoming a Member of the Club.

There is a $ 25.00 membership fee to become a Charter Member of the Club.

When you become a member you will receive your official serialized

Club Member Certificate

along with the Club newsletter "Stay Tuned".

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Member Certificate

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Stay Tuned Newsletter

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+1 916.462.0453

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