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The Double Eagle Club founder, Michael Christensen, was first exposed to the wonderful game of golf in the early 1960’s during sleepovers at his childhood friend’s house.

His friend, Herb Gillespie, and he would sneak onto the course where Herb’s family lived. Herb’s dad, Dr. Joel Gillespie, belonged to the Green Valley Country Club, in Fairfield, California. Michael and Herb would “borrow” the doctor’s clubs, head to the fairway of the 3rd hole, and begin hitting golf balls toward the green which was located near the Gillespie’s back yard.

Michael’s father, Wayne, moved the family from Fairfield to North Highlands, California, in 1965. While attending Highland High School, Michael met Mr. Wayne Silvis who taught Social Studies and Civics. Mr. Silvis was also the school Golf Team Coach. Coach Silvis invited Michael to join the Golf Team upon several occasions. Foolishly being a “macho” guy, Michael never took Coach Silvis up on his offer which he regrets to this day.

Michael graduated with the Class of 1968. In January of 1969 he volunteered for the draft into the U.S. Army along with classmate and friend Bob Green. Bob and he were assigned to serve in the same company in Vietnam. Infantry Sgt. Robert E. Green was one of the most decorated soldiers of the Vietnam War. He preceded Michael’s separation from active duty in the Army by five months. Not long after Bob returned home he took up golfing.

Michael got a 45 day “Christmas Drop” and was released from active duty in the Army and returned home to this parent’s house on December 3, 1970. Since he went directly from serving in the “bush of Vietnam” to his parent’s house in North Highlands, all within 36 hours, Michael needed a short time to adjust from being a soldier in combat to a civilian at home.

Bob and Michael quickly rejoined their friendship. Sensing Michael needed to “get out of the house and live again”, Bob invited him to start golfing together. Waiting for the Spring semester of college to start, they golfed several times a week. Because of the enjoyable and challenging experiences of the sport and the interesting people they met while golfing, both have enjoyed a commitment to golf which continues today.

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